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One for all and all for one

We believe that great digital deliveries can only achieved by federating expertise around data virtualisation.
In this context Diams has built a network of partners which can deliver to client the specific expertise they need to tackle their objectives.
We find this best of breed approach very coherent with the period of transformation we go through and adequate with the flexibility the data virtualisation layer offers.
The sea of opporunities is infinite so the number and the combinaison of pattern nad partners is infinite to.

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Partners: Bienvenue


United We Stand

Diams network partners covers various type of activities and a wide area of expertise among which

- General consultancy firms (ex big fours,  consultancy firms acting as generalists)

- Specialize consultancy focusing on a specific business sector (ex healthcare) or a specific "technical" are (ex data security, cloud)

- Sofware Integrators

- Editors and their associated partners 

- Fintech, Startups, IT companies offering digital product or services (ex IoT sensors, Rpa, Machine learning,...)  

- Universities & high schools 

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Partners: Bienvenue
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