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DIAMS Expertise

Boost your ambitions

·       Our capacity to understand rapidly business contexts and propose efficient solutions fitting business strategies or issues.
·       Our broad expertise in IT and Business matters enabling clients to turn their dreams into deliveries.  
·       Our will to implement realistic and workable solutions and not only strategies
·       Our proven track record of success related to business process monitoring, data architecture and governance, IT security, Sales and Finance projects, IT migrations and digital transformations.
·       Our extensive knowledge of various business sectors and activities.

Expertise: À propos

DIAMS perimeter of expertise

To infinity and beyond .....

Diams focuses on projects and solutions related to data. In this context DIAMS intervene or may intervene in almost any business sectors.

We hereunder pinpoint some business activities where Diams expertise can highly benefit client strategies.

However the list of business use cases are non-exhaustive by nature as the number of use cases can be instantiated almost at infinite by combining data virtualization with various digital tools (sensors, IA, machine learning , rpa ...).

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Enlight your dreams

In the last decade the energy chain has been siloed. Different actors (producers, distributors and even consumers) must now interconnect their systems and agree on common business objects to "go green" and product and consume locally. The federation of heterogeneous ecosystem is typically what data virtualization can do rapidly and efficiently. 
Data virtualisation when associated with sensors, ia and even video recognition can be used to boost smartcities and smart build projects, disrupt the may we collect household, the way we maintain and repair any electric devices (from wire to lights).

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Speed up your digital journey

Transport can also highly benefit of virtualization capacity to federate actors, systems and technologies.
On a stand only mode it help to lean up process or give a view pf process state. 
Such capacity can be appropriate to reduce asset inactivity (ex plan commuting) or to enhance use experience (ex shipment travel log).  It may also be use to disrupt sector by introducing a more opportunistic way to move goods (cf opportunistic shipments).
The mix of data virtualization with sensors and IA can be applied to predictive maintenance and lead to massive costs reduction. Cost optimisation is however not the only field  where IA and data virtualisation can bring added value for transport. Client experience can for example be greatly improve all across its journey not only by calming him when everything goes well (confirmation of lugagge, containers shipment)  but also alerting and proposing alternatives when unplanned event occurs (container dammage, luggage loss, delay etc).

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Go fast and fo safe

Health care consume and combine various types of services (Energy, Transport, Monitoring, medical and Finance, Stock Optimisation and Protection ...) to provide the best client experience in the most appropriate way.  
This context which is by nature complex and high dynamic can off course deeply take advantage of virtualization capacity to federate and expose data to health care clients and practitioners. Data virtualisation will help medical staff to be aware and proactively react in various contexts (epidemy, major crisis, electric or technical outage). Data virtualisation combined with sensors will also support new ways of working in many areas ( (ex diaper change for elderly people, body sensor monitoring, etc

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Data is an asset....

Data is an asset but finance has great difficulties to make the most of it.
This is often due to several factors (merger, siloed applications or services, technical heterogeneity, etc) which prevent from exposing rapidly and easily data. 
Data warehouse and Data lake are costly to maintain because they need to keep up with the changes of referential sources they feed from.  
Operational  intraday reportings crossing data from various golden sources cannot be plug directly on databases and are usually plug on datawarehouses. user need to wait for datawarehouse synchronisation to  perform reconciliations and check for data quality.   
Data virtualisation offers the possibility to connect directly to application database while protecting level of performance. Back office users can therefore run their reports and analysis across directly on the overall IT systems  while operational user maintain their activities on applications.
It saves time, give a accurate state of the data state and avoid cumbersome reconciliations between business entities.
Data virtualisation can also be used to build a common data model to federate the different views of business objects and support an efficient and maintenable data governance and data lineage. 
Combined with IA the visualized data model can become a basis for more efficient alerting, predictive or curative actions of remediation.

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Cost optimisation

A common and shared view of data architecture will lead to direct and indirect savings. Impacts of business and IT actions will be more easy and accurate in the early phasis of projects but also in day to day production activities.

 Capacity to plug reports directly on golden will reshape data architecture and avoid necessary and costly reconciliations and lead to a more efficient usage and workload on middleware/ETL packages.

Most data virtualisation package are "low code orientated" so the addition, modification and retrieval or field are rapid and easy to perform. It reduces drastically time to delivery and reduce cost in case of post production (or specification) modifications.

The capacity o data virtualisation to protect underline databases will highly contribute to reduce downtime periods. 

Associated with IA data virtualisation can increase the capacity and the efficiency of the organisation to adapt to activity peaks or propose better ways to optimize stocks and resources.    

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IT transformation and migration

The capacity of data virtualisation to federate data whatever their type, systems storage and location makes it a perfect tool to gradually and securely transform IT ecosystems.
Data virtualisation can be rapidly activated between the upper layers of application  (ex UI, computation modules, )  and their storage layers. When this state is reached, data virtualisation acts as a proxy for application and mask the complexity or the heterogeneity o their database and storage layers. Application are then rapidly ready  to benefit fully or partially from any infrastructure efficient service such as distributed computation, cloud services, low cost storage .... 
Data virtualisation can also provide an api layer and api catalog due to its capacity to very rapidly create api from legacy system layers or its capacity to encapsulated existing apis.  
Data virtualization being based usually on low code approach and click and connect user interface, modification can be simulated , tested  and even roll back rapidly. 
Data virtualisation enable a rapid and secure way to transform IS systems and process.

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Security, Risk & Compliance

The necessity to have an holistic and real time view of events,  the capacity to cross data are key for compliance and security activities.
In this context data virtualisation can clearly enhance the strength of compliance, risk and security team in term of  scope, the volume, the rapidity. This strength gets event greater if data virtualisation is coupled with digital tools such as ia, rpa, machine learning, sensors, video. Please refer to conference presentation or contact us for more details about business use cases.

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