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DIAMS services

Our aim is to guide and advise you all along the different phasis of your digital challenges, from strategy to conduct of change.

In this context DIAMS services encompass

- the definition of an appropriate strategy

- the selection of adequate tooling,  partnerships, organization and data ecosystems to achieve your objectives

- the follow up of the implementation

- the conduct of change

Feel free to contact DIAMS to discuss your project in more details to secure your data journey.

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Strategy definition

Setting the right path

At this stage we review company strategy to make sure that business objective cover all topics, opportunities and risks which need to be considered. Our approach is adapted to each client context but for example focus on project integration in global roadmap, data maturity, technical and human readiness….     

Organization and tools selection

Building success fundations

Diams can help you transform you strategy into action by formalizing an action plan and by refining, coordinating or resolving topics such as scoping and planning, mandatory preliminany actions, coaching, vendors and partners selection, call for tenders issuance and contracts closing.   

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Implementation follow up

Keep focus while accomodating to change

Implementation follow up

Diams at this stage will verify that implementation is realized according to best practices in order to secure not only project success but also post production maintainability. Activity may comprise project office activities, information process and business services adaptions, participation to proof of concept, test and scale up activities. Our added value will be the capacity to solve specific issues which may arise. It may be also our capacity to propose the integration of new arising business topics in the existing perimeter to fully leverage on solutions.    

Conduct of change

Help organisation to benefit from new context

All over the project implementation DIAMS can help you :

-Communicate on the project deliveries and more generally on any topics which will facilitate the understanding of the project added value and business opportunities.

- Formalise the role and responsibilities of the different actors and put in place the adequate measures (KPI, Training, ..) to insure the operability of solutions.

- Contribute to global data quality action plans

- Coach teams to secure best practices

- Propose digital solutions to extend and scale up.

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